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Sylvan Hillebrand (26) is a Dutch designer from Amsterdam. Specialized in branding and promotional work, he studied Graphic Design in Enschede and New York City and currently works at HarrimanSteel in Amsterdam where he has experience working with companies such as Uber and Nike.

Sylvan Hillebrand

Uber at HarrimanSteel

Bold, Direct & with Heart

This social impact focused zine was an opportunity for us to collate and celebrate the work that HarrimanSteel had completed with Uber throughout the year. We crafted a limited zine as an editorial archive of the Uber x HarrimanSteel relationship to date. Showcasing the different campaigns and Social Impact Work that had been achieved together from the previous year. The limited run was delivered to key partners within the business as a celebration of our work and time together as creative partners.

Agency — HarrimanSteel
Creative Direction — Julian Harriman-Dickinson & Sylvan Hillebrand
Design — Sylvan Hillebrand
Copywriting — Hannah Summers
Print — Artomatic​​​​​​​