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Sylvan Hillebrand (27) is a Dutch Freelance Senior Graphic Designer based in Amsterdam, with a background in Graphic Design, Branding and Motion Graphics. He studied Graphic Design in New York City and Enschede and has worked with small, and larger clients such as Nike, Jordan, Uber, & YouTube. Let's collaborate.

Sylvan Hillebrand

Tech Heat Scarf

Scarf by Sylvan Hillebrand & Laura Nales

The Tech Heat Scarf is the result of a collaborative effort by Sylvan Hillebrand and Laura Nales, born out of the need to find a scarf that represents both our styles. It features a pixelated flame on one side, keeping you cozy during the colder days. With its vibrant, graphic side, versus its more minimalistic black-and-white side, it effortlessly transitions between different moods. Shot in Amsterdam by photographer Jan Kirkham, modeled by Oliver Tomas. The reversible Tech Heat Scarf is crafted from a 95% acrylic and 5% elastane blend and is available worldwide.

Tech Flame Scarf Design on Beige Background
Scarf Design Photoshoot on Amsterdam Street
Scarf Design both sides on beige background