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Sylvan Hillebrand (27) is a Dutch Freelance Senior Graphic Designer based in Amsterdam, with a background in Graphic Design, Branding and Motion Graphics. He studied Graphic Design in New York City and Enschede and has worked with small, and larger clients such as Nike, Uber, Canyon, and Jordan. Let's collaborate.

Sylvan Hillebrand

Served Store

Visual Identity

Amsterdam based secondhand store Served was looking for a sophisticated identity that uses simplicity to highlight products and is stripped back by any unnecessary elements. They offer a selection of garments and accessories, varying from vintage to deadstock streetwear, and from exclusive sneakers to high-end clothing. A side-hustle out of passion for clothing, products and brands that represents them and their taste. Putting care and thought in their curation and service is something they believes is essential in the already saturated online secondhand market and like to offer a more sustainable way to shop.
Curated in Amsterdam, served worldwide.