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Sylvan Hillebrand (27) is a Dutch Freelance Senior Graphic Designer based in Amsterdam, with a background in Graphic Design, Branding and Motion Graphics. He studied Graphic Design in New York City and Enschede and has worked with small, and larger clients such as Nike, Uber, Canyon, and Jordan. Let's collaborate.

Sylvan Hillebrand

Nachtkantoor x RAYA

Event Identity

Raya Recordings and Nachtkantoor joined forces for a club night called Constructive Waves at Spacebar in Enschede, the Netherlands. Two forces, one from Enschede, and the other from Groningen collaborated to showcase rising stars and DJs curating sounds from diverse backgrounds, promoting the importance of community and collaboration in underrepresented music scenes. Merging, mixing and exploring new territories of the night. The visual identity is inspired by constructive wave interference and created using analogue techniques and frame-by-frame animation, resulting in dynamic and vibrant patterns. The concept of constructive wave interference was chosen as the central idea for the event's identity because it symbolizes the collaborative nature of the event.

Visual Identity - Sylvan Hillebrand
Videography - Nick Wolterink, Justus Hartmann
Photography - Jari Sanders, Hessel Snijder